City of Toronto Marks World Tuberculosis Day

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The World Health Organization recognizes March 24 as World Tuberculosis Day. This year's theme is "TB Anywhere is TB Everywhere."

"Toronto is an international city and though TB rates are low in Canada compared to countries around the world, Toronto continues to have one quarter of the reported TB cases in the country," said Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Director of Communicable Disease Control. "It is important for Toronto Public Health to continue to work together with our partners in the prevention, control and reduction of TB in Toronto."


There are approximately 370 to 400 cases of TB disease each year in Toronto. More than 90 per cent of these cases are in people who have immigrated to Canada although they may have been here for many years. Toronto Public Health (TPH) works with community groups, health care professionals and settlement agencies to increase TB awareness and to advocate for timely medical follow up and treatment. TPH also provides ongoing TB education to new immigrants and refugees through English as a Second Language (ESL) and Language Instruction for Newcomers in Canada (LINC) Programs.

To further enhance services, TPH now has a TB Stop storefront located on the main floor of 277 Victoria St. TPH staff work with TB clients, provide drop in services for the homeless and underhoused, and provide education and outreach to clients, shelters, drop in centres, community organizations, correctional facilities and probation and parole offices.

The City of Toronto's World TB Day activities include Settlement Workers' Workshops on accessing health care services for newcomers, TB Skin Test Workshops for long term care homes and hospitals, presentations, medical rounds, displays at various hospitals, and an open house for the TB Stop.