Coaching Corner: To be an effective leader, be yourself

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(NC)-Imitating those we admire seems like the logical thing to do when aiming our sights on the fast track to success. And yet, you should actually take the opposite track, says Dale Carnegie, the world's most recognized name in coaching and training.

Instead of trying to mirror the actions of someone who lives a different life and has a different personality, we need, first and foremost, to be true to ourselves and capitalize on our own unique traits. If you find this a little difficult when under corporate or societal pressure to conform, here are seven of the Dale Carnegie Principles:

. Try to profit from your losses

. Fill your mind with thoughts of peace, courage health and hope

. Never try to get even with your enemies

. Expect ingratitude

. Count your blessings - not your troubles

. Do not imitate others

. Create happiness for others.

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