Working at home and time management

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Time management and organisation is so important in life and when it comes to working at home it is doubly important. As a matter of fact Time management, oganistaion, schedules are all prominent in any successful organisation.

Time is the one thing that we do not have enough of it is the one thing in life that is constant. Time will wait for no one so we have to utilise it the best way we can.

It makes no sense to try and cram everthing in to a short space of time because it will become counter productive. can you imagine a plumber trying to make a deadline of finishing 3 days work in one day. His work would become sloppy he would make mistakes then he would have to go over the job again.


Therefore, the answer to the question of not having enough time is organisation, writing schedules and keeping a diary. This is vital for a home based entrepeneur.

Organisation means keeping all your documents, invoices, accounts and everthing you use in your business in their proper place. This will save time because you will know where everything is It will also lead to a less stressful home/working environment.

Keeping a diary, filo-fax or some kind of personal organiser is a vital business tool for obvious reasons.

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