Skipping Vacation To Work Discourages Healthy Behavior

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Vacation and Quality of Job

Summer is slipping away. A lot of people have already returned from vacation, looking rested and more relaxed. Some people, though, are putting off their vacations indefinitely, because they feel their jobs need them more than they need the time off.

Dr. Craig Sawchuk, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences in the University of Washington School of Medicine, says that some people are afraid that if they spend more time in enjoyable activities, whether on vacation, on weekends or after work, it will negatively impact their productivity at work.


"In fact the opposite is generally true," Sawchuk insists. "If you establish a more balanced lifestyle, enjoying your leisure can in fact improve the quality and quantity of your work."

Sawchuk works with people who need help finding ways to restructure their schedules on a daily and weekly basis to improve their ability to cope with both negative and positive stress. He encourages them to look for ways to engage in positive, meaningful events, whether they are heading out on vacation or spending the work-week on the job.

"As a person's work piles up, they tend to engage in fewer of those activities that give us some relief from stress, like hobbies, sports or going out with friends and family,


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