Minimize Job Injuries On The Way To Retirement

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Job Injuries and Job Safety

U-M specialists offer tips to prevent on-the-job injuries for all ages


The American workforce is aging. It is estimated that in 25 years the number of people in the United States who are 55 years and older will rise from one out of every 10 Americans to one out of every three Americans. This means more experienced workers in the field, but it can also mean more workplace injuries related to our bodies' natural aging process. By being aware of the physical changes of aging and workplace risk factors then taking steps to prevent injury, our valuable older workers can minimize injuries as they approach retirement.

Suzanne Bade, an occupational therapist with MWorks, the occupational health division of the University of Michigan Health System, works with individuals and with companies in ergonomic consulting for aging workers, a process MWorks calls "Ageonomics

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