The Easy Way To Put Your Business Plans Into Action

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A business plan is an essential part of developing a successful business. However, it's of no use if it just stays as a plan on paper. Your business plans need to be implemented and this requires you taking action. But not just any old actions where you fall in the trap of keeping yourself extremely busy. You need to consistently take the actions that are critical to the success of their business.

How do you know what actions to take?

You need to take the most effective actions; the actions that will bring you the results you truly desire. You don't need to spend lots of time thinking about your plans and analysing them to choose effective actions. Instead you need to be in the moment, and in touch with the connection between your heart and your business plan. This ensures that your actions are inspired and bring meaningful success.

One of the best ways to identify the actions that you're ready and willing to take is by asking yourself empowering and powerful questions. You do need to be sure that your business plans are current and up to date. If they need some time to freshen them up, then I invite you to do this first. Now read through your business plans and get in touch with the positive feelings you had when writing them. Once you feel in touch with your plans, ask yourself one or a couple of questions. You may choose to use your own questions or start with ones such as:

  • What one specific action would have the greatest impact on bringing this plan to fruition?

  • What is the one action that I most need to take today?


  • What do I feel inspired and ready to do now?

Before asking the questions, quiet your mind and be willing to listen to your answer. Once you've identified the actions needed, get started now. This identifies the most effective action to take in alignment with what you most want through your business plan. As you build the habit of asking yourself these questions, you may want to add your own or choose different ones.

I invite you to experiment with asking yourself powerful questions that take your business plans from paper to reality.


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