New Best Practice Tool For Nurses

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A new set of benchmarks, in the Essence of Care series, which will help nurses and other health and social care staff improve the care environment - such as the hospital ward, a patient's bed, or a GP practice - was launched today by Chief Nursing Officer, Christine Beasley.

Speaking at this year's Chief Nursing Officer conference, she outlined the latest benchmarks that will help people have confidence that the care environment meets their individual needs and preferences.


The new benchmarks, focuses on important aspects of the care environment - such as ease of access, how well maintained it is, cleanliness and tidiness, personal space, visible precautions for controlling infection, as well as the culture of wards and clinical areas.

Chief Nursing Officer Christine Beasley said: "The Essence of Care programme is unique in that it combines the elements that are important to patients with actions that professionals can take to make real improvements in the environment they create for patients. The overall toolkit helps share best practice among the entire nursing team and maintain high standards."

Sheena Taylor, Senior Nurse for Clinical Standards and Governance, University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust: "This demonstrates excellent opportunity for patients, users and healthcare providers to come together and set meaningful standards for the care environment."

Iris Fitzgibbon, Matron General Medicine, Royal Wolverhampton Hospital NHS Trust: "It is reassuring when our professional expectations are not far removed from the user perspective. Working with users in the development of this benchmark just reinforces the fact we are all committed to raising the standards for patients."