Immigrants Move To Upstate New York To Work In Health Care Field

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Immigrants who moved to upstate New York are predominately highlyeducated individuals who obtained jobs in the health care sector,science and research fields, according to a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Utica Observer-Dispatch reports.


Accordingto the study, Asians make up the largest number of immigrants moving toupstate New York, and most work as doctors or scientists. Deepak Buch,a physician who emigrated from India, said many such immigrants arehelping fill a shortage of health care professionals in the region. Asa result, the local health care community has become more diverse,according to the Observer-Dispatch.

According tothe report, "Upstate firms are taking advantage of the specializedskills of the more highly educated immigrants in ways that potentiallycomplement the skills of native-born workers." The report also saidthat immigrants who are less educated than their counterparts often arecompeting with native-born upstate New Yorkers for jobs (Sinha, Utica Observer-Dispatch, 11/6).

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