New Communication Tools To Engage Employees In Workplace Wellness

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Meritain Health launched of a series of new communication tools to educate health plan members about its Healthy Merits wellness program, as well as to encourage and promote healthier lifestyles.

Meritain's new multimedia education plan goes beyond enrollment materials to continuously engage and educate employees about health and wellness, as well as to encourage them to access the numerous programs and educational resources offered through Healthy Merits.

Healthy Merits is a total population management solution that enables employers to lower their healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. Healthy Merits provides members with six core programs including Managed Metrics, Physically Fit, Nicotine Free, Health Aware, Disease Management and Educational Tools and Resources. The program includes onsite health screenings, weight loss, fitness and smoking cessation programs, and access to health coaches to motivate members in their designated programs -- providing additional, expert support.


"Education and communication are critical with any benefits program, and even more so when implementing a wellness program," said Janice Rahm, Senior Vice President of Product and Service Innovation for Meritain Health. "The Healthy Merits communication tools provide extensive educational resources to engage employees in the program and motivate them to lead healthier lifestyles."

The Healthy Merits Web site is available to employees to navigate through each part of the six-pronged program. The site also provides health and wellness information, access to an online health coach, as well as program information specific to their Healthy Merits program including incentives for participation.

Meritain Health launched Healthy Merits this spring to provide companies with an effective solution to rapidly escalating healthcare costs. With the knowledge that 74 percent of diagnosed illnesses are preventable(1), Meritain Health, the country's largest independent provider of services for self-funded health plans, created a comprehensive program based on the belief that preventing illness is the most effective strategy to reduce healthcare costs. On average, employers can expect to show an annual return of $600 for every $100 invested in employee wellness programs(2). The success of shifting an employee from a high health-risk category to a low health-risk category can save an employer more than $3,000 per year(3).

Healthy Merits is a trio of complementary services that provide wellness management, disease management and comprehensive educational tools and resources to members. Meritain Health's wellness consultants work with employers to build a customized wellness program specific to the needs of its employees.


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