Nurses In Wales To Get Pay Rise In Full

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Nurses will receive an unstaged pay increase of 2.5 per cent this year.

Today's announcement means the recommended pay award will be backdated to 1 April.

Mrs Hart said: "I have made clear since I became Health Minister that nurses deserve and should have their pay in full.


"For pay reviews to be credible, employees have to have the confidence in the system and in its outcome. I remain a strong supporter of the national collective decision-making process and will not depart from taking part in this process.

"However, I have had many representations on nurses pay including discussions with healthcare unions - the RCN and Unison - and I have decided that the only correct course of action is for Wales to honour the pay agreement.

"This will not just be about settling with nurses, as other groups are involved as well, including ancillary, administrative and clerical staff, support services including catering, estates and maintenance, hotel services, security, supplies, and so on. They are all important, and it would not be proper for me to consider the pay of just one group.

"This means that all these key workers as part of the wider health service team will get the full recommended pay rise. The additional cost will be managed as an in-year pressure within the Health and Social Services budget. This will include back pay to 1 April. This will significantly help to improve staff morale within the NHS and clearly demonstrates how much I value their hard work and dedication."