Wellness Software Helps Employees Retain Their Edge By Taking A Mental Fitness Break

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Employee wellness program

In an era of contracting corporate benefits, a new employee wellness program is encouraging workers to take a break -- on the job -- for a daily mental warm-up that can improve their memories and help sharpen their cognitive skills.

MindFit Corporate(TM), a software program to help employees exercise their minds, was just launched for use by businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. While the goal is to keep workers of all ages mentally fit, it's also viewed as a new wellness program that may lure older workers to stay on the job and avoid the "brain drain" of experienced workers that some employers expect as baby boomers near retirement.

Users of MindFit Corporate, developed by CogniFit, Ltd. are first assessed by the software and then encouraged to train with it for five to 10 minutes each day while at work. MindFit provides fun, individualized training to match users' unique cognitive skill sets, changing exercises and levels to suit each person's needs. No other cognitive assessment or training software product on the market has that personally tailoring technology.


"Most people need a mental warm-up before starting the work day or a mental break midday," said Prof. Shlomo Breznitz, Ph.D., founder and president of CogniFit, Ltd. "In MindFit Corporate, we created an entertaining product that helps employees to improve their weaker cognitive functions and maintain those that are sharp."

In a recent double blind, two-year clinical trial, MindFit users experienced greater improvement in the cognitive domains of spatial short-term memory, visuo-spatial learning and focused attention than those using other, more traditional computer games. On average, MindFit research has shown that users improve their short-term memory by 18 percent and reaction time by 12.5 percent.

"If you exercise your brain as you do your muscles, you can significantly build the speed and accuracy of your mental functions," said Dr. Paul D. Nussbaum, a clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in aging across the lifespan and brain health. "The benefits of improving cognitive areas like short-term memory and attention focus are beneficial both at work and home, making MindFit Corporate a true, individualized employee wellness program for employees of all ages at companies of all sizes."

MindFit Corporate was recognized at the National Health, Wellness, Prevention and Fitness Conference Spring 2007 with an award in the "Best Programs for Improving Employee Health" category. In March 2007, MindFit was recognized with a 2007 American Society on Aging Business and Aging Award.