ADHD Can Have Toll On Adult Employment


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May 27 2008 - 9:48am

Could ADHD test be the next requirement fo employment interviews as ADHD can cost adults up to 20 lost workdays per year?

The researchers

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I just have to ask... "What the Hell?" I have ADD fairly bad and the thought that I now might be singled out and told to take medicines.... it is sickening. You can't force people to take drugs. That's endorsement of private industry. That's corruption. People with ADD are different. So, we are less productive...what do you expect? That's kind of implied. Now we have a price tag to go with that. It's getting more serious I think. This is financial fanaticism... productivity at any cost. Employers having all the rights... and we, for sheer accident of being DIFFERENT get to be bossed around by the ensuing laws and inquiries. Great. Just great.