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Free ADD/ADHD Evaluation Encourages Accurate Diagnosis And Treatment

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ADHD Children and Community

Community service program cuts through the red tape, eases the burden on parents of children with ADD/ADHD.

According to the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), proper diagnosis is a critical step in the process of managing ADD/ADHD. Unfortunately, a proper diagnosis -- defined as one that is "made by a professional with training in ADHD or in the diagnosis of mental disorders" can be an expensive, time-consuming process beyond the reach of many suffering with the disorder. To raise public awareness of the importance of proper diagnosis, and make diagnosis available to everyone in the greater Boston area, the ADD Health and Wellness Center of Andover, Mass. has initiated a free evaluation program which is open to the public with no restrictions regarding age or income level.

"The system of care in the U.S. for individuals with ADD/ADHD is a confusing maze," said Robert S. Baurys, II, CEO of ADD Health and Wellness Centers, Inc. "The system is so broken that diagnostic testing has become a last resort for people willing to dig deep into their pockets in hopes of finding some relief, and that's just plain backwards," Baurys added. "In an effort to help as many people as possible, we're opening our doors to provide access to qualified medical and counseling professionals with no strings attached. This community service provides a sense of direction to help parents make better choices for effective treatments."

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To take advantage of the free evaluation, an individual who suspects they may suffer from ADD/ADHD -- or the parent of a child who may -- can register online or by telephone (866) 324-2088.

A common condition in the U.S., ADD/ADHD is estimated to affect up to 7 percent of U.S. school children, or around 4 million. Additionally, because of the strong genetic link, many parents of children with ADD/ADHD find that they themselves are suffering from the condition. "Most adults with ADD/ADHD could benefit greatly from non-pharmaceutical treatments like coaching, counseling and nutrition therapy," says Theresa Lavoie, Ph.D., Director of Psychology Services. "These adults have learned to cope with the ADD/ADHD, but in many cases they have internalized the effects and continue to struggle in certain areas. They don't fully understand how the disorder has impacted their lives professionally and emotionally."

Studies show that adults with ADD have higher rates of alcohol and drug addiction, joblessness, divorce and other serious consequences. With the appropriate treatments, adults can learn to manage ADD/ADHD and significantly minimize the negative impact on their lives.

Other important treatment components available at ADD Health and Wellness Centers include:



I may have ADD and now after so many years don't know if I have it. But, it seems to me that I do. My son is suffering from ADHD. I would like to take a free evaluation if this is possible online. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Thank you for listening.
I live in the Los Angeles area and would like to know where I can go to get a free ADD diagnosis for a 12 year old child who is unensured (no insurance!) I am trying to get him the help he needs in public school and I need a 504 ADD diagnosis by a medical doctor.