How to Naturally Achieve Rapid Muscle Gains

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If you told me two years ago that there was a way to naturally acheieve rapid muscle gains I would have laughed at you. I then would have told you that the ONLY way to get rapid, "steroid like" muscle gains is... Yeah you guessed it, TAKE STEROIDS, and

believe me I would have SHOUTED.


I then would have looked you straight in the eyes and in a very serious and annoyed tone I would have told you that if it was possible to build muscle naturally and rapidly then you would be looking at Mr. Universe.

I then would have said, I pumped iron 4 times a week every week for a year... using advanced bodybuilding techniques and training every muscle until critical breaking point... surely if it was humanly possible to gain muscle naturally and rapidly then I would have done so?

If you knew what I now know you would have said "dude you are