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Bodybuilding Alarm Clock from Dumbbell

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Dumbbell bodybuilding alarm clock

Dumbbell alarm clock, effectively keeps you awake and drives you to building muscular body. In other words this is a bodybuilding device plus an alarm clock.

The Dumbbell alarm clock here is no exceptional, and it adds another benefit i.e. you’ll surely be fit after using it for a couple of months, as it forces you to work out every morning. Once the Dumbbell alarm goes off, you must get up, pick it up and you must flex your arm muscles for at least 30 reps with it, before it shuts off. After the 30 reps, you’ll definitely be fully awake.

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The Dumbbell alarm clock is equipped with various motion sensors which detect how many reps that you’ve done with it. The gadget was designed by Yuk Wang for Fred Worldwide, which was given a name called Shape Up alarm clock.

This bodybuilding alarm clock is definitely a perfect motivator to get you back in shape, as well as keeping you puncture to your work. No price and release date for it yet.

Reprinted with permission from Tech Chee Medical