Aerobic Exercise Helps Boost Brainpower Of Elderly

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A Dutch review of studies indicates aerobic exercise may give older adults a boost in brainpower.

The review, published in The Cochrane Library, evaluated 11 randomized controlled trials in the United States France and Sweden, involving 670 adults age 55 and over.


The studies found that participation in aerobic exercise programs increased participants' VO2 max, an indicator of respiratory endurance, by 14 percent and improvements in cardio-respiratory fitness coincided with improvements in cognitive function.

Improvements in cognition as a result of improvements in cardiovascular fitness are being explained by improvements in cerebral blood flow, leading to increased brain metabolism which, in turn, stimulates the production of neurotransmitters and formation of new synapses. At the same time, improved cardiovascular fitness could lead to a decline in cardiovascular disease.

Exercise is of much help to ones health so as much as you can, try to have some exercise to boost not only brainpower but your entire health as well.