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Bodybuilding and Aerobics

Muscles grow better with longer rest periods, contrary to conventional thinking

May 3 2016 - 7:08pm
Longer rests between weight lifting repetitions could grow more muscle

University of Alabama researchers have some new information about how to grow muscle with resistance training that goes against conventional thinking.

The finding, published in the journal ofExperimental Physiology suggests short rest periods between weight training sets actually blunt muscle growth.

A Muscle Building Injection Warning That You Have to See to Believe

May 8 2015 - 7:07am
Muscle Building Injection warning

ABC News recently reported a story about a muscle building injection that if done too often could mean loss of limb - and even life - for a bodybuilder wannabe.

Have you ever seen those images of almost too-impossible-to-believe Hulk-like bodies that are posted along with some supplement advertisements?

Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Workouts: What's the Difference?

Oct 15 2014 - 11:07am
Anaerobic vs. Aerobic

In the world of fitness, not all exercises and/or workouts are created equal. The benefits your body experiences from a long-distance run are vastly different from the benefits offered to your body by a series of short-distance sprints. Likewise, lifting three 12-rep sets of moderate effort weights will not produce the same results as performing one set of 6-8 reps at maximum resistance to fatigue. The difference between these two workouts (long-distance run & high rep, low intensity weights VS sprints & maximum intensity weights) is expressed by how your body operates and performs during them and can be simply defined as either an anaerobic or aerobic workout.

Both Anaerobic and Aerobic types of workouts, though starkly opposite of one another, offer remarkable benefits to your health. To elaborate:

Focus on Aerobic Cardio Activity to Prevent Disease

Apr 6 2009 - 11:19am
Aerobic Cardio

Aerobic cardio exercise is essential for better health. The prevalence of diabetes, obesity, and confounding inability for many people to lose weight begs for a focus on aerobic cardio activity to prevent and treat a variety of diseases.

Studies increasingly support the notion that moderate activity alone fails short for helping Americans remain healthy, manage existing illness, and for reversing existing disease. Aerobic cardio fitness, even performed at short intervals, may be the answer to weight control and disease management.

Flex Belt - Rapid Stomach Toning Medical Technology

Mar 10 2009 - 11:30pm
Flex Belt

The Flex Belt - Rapid Stomach Toning Medical Technology Ab Toner is an FDA approved fitness product for both men and women that electronically flexes the stomach muscles, toning them effortlessly. The FDA has approved the Flex Belt for “toning, tightening, and strengthening the stomach.” In product reviews, more than 95 percent of reviewers report that the Flex Belt produces exceptional results.

Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper Compact Yet Powerful

Feb 18 2009 - 8:22pm
Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper

The Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper weighs only 20 pounds and can easily fit in a travel pack. The secret to its power is two hydraulic cylinders that keep up with whatever pace you choose.

With each step, muscles of the thighs, calves and glutes are toned and conditioned with an overall result of great core conditioning and a solid aerobic workout.

Constructed of steel, the Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper has a wide base for stability and support. In addition, the stepper includes a battery-operated multifunction fitness monitor to help you set and reach your fitness goals.

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans: Do Aerobics

Nov 3 2008 - 10:04am

Tufts University's Miriam E. Nelson, PhD, served as vice-chair of the advisory committee for the new Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans written by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Nelson is Director of the John Hancock Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition and Associate Professor of Nutrition at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts.

Special Heat Precautions Urged for Athletes

Aug 14 2008 - 11:33am

With football season and cross-country track beginning this month for many Iowa schools, drills, conditioning, and practices are in full swing across the state. While any child who exercises in the heat may be at risk of dehydration or heat illness, young athletes who participate in sports that begin in the late summer are at greater risk. Recent steamy conditions should serve as a reminder for coaches, athletes, and parents to be aware of heat-related illnesses.

Bodybuilding Alarm Clock from Dumbbell

Jul 17 2008 - 11:24am
Dumbbell bodybuilding alarm clock

Dumbbell alarm clock, effectively keeps you awake and drives you to building muscular body. In other words this is a bodybuilding device plus an alarm clock.

The Dumbbell alarm clock here is no exceptional, and it adds another benefit i.e. you’ll surely be fit after using it for a couple of months, as it forces you to work out every morning. Once the Dumbbell alarm goes off, you must get up, pick it up and you must flex your arm muscles for at least 30 reps with it, before it shuts off. After the 30 reps, you’ll definitely be fully awake.

Aerobic Exercise Improves Cognitive Functioning of Older Men and Women

Jul 24 2005 - 5:59pm

Researchers who demonstrated that aerobic exercise is just as effective as medication in treating major depression in the middle aged and elderly reported that the same exercise program also appears to improve the cognitive abilities of these patients.

Health and Wellness: 

Study To Explore Whether Weight Training Can Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

Mar 1 2005 - 8:28am

Since the body responds differently to resistance training than it does to aerobic exercise, the researchers want to characterize the specific benefits of resistance training, as well as to determine whether adding such exercises to an aerobic program yields synergistic benefits.

Health and Wellness: