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How Do We Behave During Potentially Offensive Situations

While sitting at the conference table or at dinner party, a friend or colleague unleashes a questionable remark that could offend at least one person amongst the group. A hush falls and, if you are like most people, your eyes will dart towards the person most likely to take offense to the faux pas. It's a doubly unpleasant experience for the offended: Not only have you been insulted, but you have also suddenly become the center of unwelcome attention.

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Holiday Self-Improvement Trends

The holiday season is not just a time for shopping; it is also a time when many consumers look toward self-improvement including cosmetic medical treatments such as cosmetic injections. "Injectables offer natural-looking enhancements to aging facial features with affordability and little or no downtime," said Mark L. Jewell, MD, leader of the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety and past president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

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Pressure To Look Perfect Drives Girls To Destructive Behavior

Girls today are fixating on their flaws, causing them to belittle themselves and even take destructive action. The onslaught of messages and images they constantly receive sets an unrealistic standard of beauty. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty ispartnering with the entertainment industry to address this issue by giving girls a reality check educating them about what images are real versus Hollywood magic. This global program is especially relevant as girls today are measuring themselves against impossible beauty ideals.

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