Short Men Most Jealous

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Short men appear to be more jealous than tall men.

Scientists from universities of Groningen and Valencia questioned 549 men and women to find out how they feel about jealousy. They estimated a jealousy scale of six points.


Shorter men were found to be definitely more nervous in relationship, compared to tall ones. 5ft 4in men got a 3.75 score, 6ft 6in men got a 2.25 score. Shorter men were found to be more aggressive to their rivals with better attributes.

Women showed more complicated results: 5ft 6in women got a 3 score, 5ft women got a 5 score, 6ft women got a 4 score. The shortest and the tallest women appeared to be the most jealous, while mid-height women appeared to be more relaxed to the rivals with almost the same attributes. However they were jealous to those women who are physically more attractive and with better social status.

Simon Gelsthorpe, of the British Psychological Society, said: "Jealousy is a type of fear. It is about being afraid you are going to lose someone you love. One of the key components is self-esteem and obviously height is related to this but then so may other characteristics such as baldness. Another key element is how strong the relationship is."

These results are to confirm 'short man syndrome' showing that those taller have more chances to enjoy life and presence of beautiful women.



"Those TALLER have more chances to enjoy life and presence of BEAUTIFUL women". Objection... teach people that their happiness depends on meeting beautiful people in their life". BUNCH OF CRAP. PS: What about short gay men ? I guess they do not give a flying ****** about beautiful women. So superficial and lame too.
To anonymous: I guess u are one of the shortest. ur post speaks vol of ur jealousy. Thank you for proving the article right.