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All US Residents Should Contribute To Their Own Medical Care

"We are sufficiently wealthy and advanced as a society that we should consider financial access to needed medical care a birthright" in a "context that joins rights with responsibilities to separate it from the popular notion of an entitlement, which is often little more than a handout," Paul O'Neill, a former secretary of the Department of Treasury, writes in a New York Times opinion piece. According to O'Neill, all U.S.

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Creating The Most Comprehensive Health Information Resource For International Travelers

MEDEX Global Group and Harvard Medical International (HMI) have created MEDEX 360m global medical monitor, the most comprehensive health information website ever developed for international travelers. Unprecedented in the travel assistance industry, the partnership fuses MEDEX 's 30 years of experience in providing timely, effective and life-saving emergency care, with Harvard Medical International's knowledge of international health, medical care and public health issues.

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