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Halloween Safety Tips

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Here are a few tips you can follow for a safe Halloween:

Always keep the lights on, both inside and outside your house, to welcome and protect trick-or-treaters.

Keep candles and jack-o-lanterns away from landings and doorsteps where costumes can brush up against the flame and catch fire. Also, keep candles and jack-o-lanterns away from curtains, decorations, and other items that can catch fire.

Make sure that each part of your child's costume is flame resistant. Look for the label "flame resistant" or "flame retardant."

If your child wears a mask, make sure that it fits properly and that the holes are large enough for their mouth and eyes, so that they can breath and see properly.

Costumes and trick-or-treat bags should be light-colored and/or decorated with reflective tape that will glow in light which will make your child visible to drivers. Reflective tape can be found in hardware, bicycle, and sporting goods stores.

Costumes should fit well and not drag on the floor, to avoid trips and falls.

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Children should wear temperature appropriate clothing underneath their costume.

Swords, knives, and other pointed objects should be made of soft material.

Always have an adult accompany children while trick-or-treating.

Remind your children not to go into strangers' cars or houses.

Teach your children how to use crosswalks and walk signals. Teach your child to look left, right, and left again before crossing the street.

Children should carry flashlights, to make sure that they can see and that people can see them.

Do not let your child eat any treats until you have checked each one of them.

Give and accept only wrapped or packaged candy. Throw away all unwrapped or suspicious looking candy.

For more information on how to keep your children safe this Halloween, please contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's Injury Prevention and Control Program at (617) 624-5070 or visit our website at http://www.state.ma.us/dph/fch/injury/