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Triggers of Migraines - Why You Should Know Yours

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What causes migraines is still somewhat of a mystery. Doctors believe that it has to do with the blood vessels in the head contracting and then expanding. This happens from time to time to most people, but with migraineurs this tends to be more intense and painful. The exact cycle of events taking place in our brains during a migraine attack is still not fully understood.

Why You Should Know Your Triggers

Knowing what triggers attacks is a major step towards preventing them. If you can avoid the triggers, then you can avoid the pain and suffering of the attacks, right? Well, not quite. There are many possible triggers for migraines and they differ from one migraine sufferer to another. Sometimes you're not dealing with one single trigger at a time, but with a combination of potential triggers, which makes it all the more difficult to determine what exactly it is that you need to avoid.

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Of course, knowing that something may trigger your migraine doesn't always mean you can avoid it. Some possible triggers, such as certain weather conditions, or certain times of the month for us ladies, may be unavoidable.

However, preventing even some of your potential migraine episodes can be a blessing. Every migraine avoided means less suffering and an enhanced quality of life. It won't mean that your migraines are cured, but that your condition becomes more manageable.

Possible Triggers of Migraine

The list is very long and if you're serious about identifying your own migraine triggers, you need to look at ideas from more than one website, as well as do some thinking of your own