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Americans Deserve Better Healthcare

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The Health Care System In USA

Public survey has found that 82% of Americans think that healthcare system needs a major change or entire rebuild to make services accessible and qualified.

The program is named Public Views on U.S. Health Care System Organization: A Call for New Directions, surveyed 1004 Americans in May 2008. The survey found that most Americans think US healthcare system is not good enough, with 32% suggesting to entirely rebuild the system, 50% suggesting fundamental changes.

Main complaints about the healthcare system were referred to weak functioning of the system when healthcare providers need to share health histories and personal health records of different patients. For example, you can suddenly find out that you personal health records are not yet ready when you arrive at your doctor's office. The public also wants to be able to visit a doctor at a convenient time and not wait for hours while visiting a physician. And, of course, major problem is the cost of the health insurance coverage, which keeps rising and rising.

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Nine out of ten survey participants relay on presidential candidates, saying that they need to propose serious reforms to make sure that every single American has access to affordable healthcare and that there are no one without health insurance coverage. Eight out of ten suggest that healthcare performance needs to be significantly improved and that the costs and quality need to be on the same level.

About half (47%) of survey participants urged that healthcare systems lacks coordination, which makes innocent people suffer. While health is the most important thing for every person, it is more important for healthcare professionals to have proper documentations and paperwork.

The public also needs better and easier access to doctor appointments and need to have a chance for a phone advice. They also suggest that doctors and nurses need to properly share patient medical records and health information to make healthcare process optimized.

"It's clear that our health care system isn't giving Americans the health care they need and deserve," said Karen Davis, president of Commonwealth Fund.