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Text Messaging Can Be Dangerous

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Text messaging and dangers

Emergency physicians report several cases of accidents, because people type messages on their cell phones in inappropriate places.

American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) reports that the cases related to text messaging and health accidents are not frequent, but they are still dangerous and sometimes even fatal. Cases mainly occur when people message while rollerblading, biking, driving, or simply walking down the street. Most of the sufferers are teens and people in their twenties. These are the people who are the most frequent cell phone users. However, there are also people over 50 who suffer so called 'messaging injuries.'

"Some people are actually on Chicago's busy lakefront path texting while walking or exercising," said Dr. James Adams, MD, professor and chair of the department of emergency medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. "We see people rollerblading or biking while texting. They are usually very skilled but sometimes crash and fall when they are not watching where they are going."

Physicians urge that people must understand how dangerous text messaging can be and be very careful, attentive. They suggest to follow easy, but very important steps to make sure they are safe:

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* Don't text while moving or are physically active. Never message while driving, biking, boating, or rollerblading, because you may not notice what's going around. Don't message while exercising or sporting.

* Don't use hand-held phones while driving. Even when using hands-free devices, be very attentive and don't spend much time on talking or messaging.

* Keep your phone in a comfortable place, such as phone pockets or pouches, because you may unsafe while looking for your ringing phone in you handbag, purse, or backpack. A phone must be easy to find and answer.

* Turn off your phone while on a move to avoid dangerous situations.

* Do not message while sitting alone at a bus station or in a crowded place, because one may easily still your handbag or pure while you are busy with texting.

It may sound funny for people who are so used to cell phones that text messaging can be dangerous and lead to numerous injuries, but the fact is that it can, so we need to caution.