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Zume Life: Health Gadget That Helps Living Well

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zume Life

By offering an in-hand device, Zume Life enables users to get reminders for and to record health activities: medications, diet, exercise, health metrics and symptoms wherever they go, without being connected to a bunch of monitoring devices.

A companion Web page of Zume Life shows graphs and tables of the user's health activities.

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With the user's permission, and this is very important for privacy, various caregivers, such as health professionals as well as family, friends, coaches can also access this Web site and track the user's health. Most importantly, with life being so busy and stressful as it is, these solutions allow Zume Life users to keep life in order in an unintrusive way.

Zume Life is making self-care a reality for the huge percentage of the American population struggling to effectively and consistently manage and treat chronic ailments and conditions that can limit them from realizing their full productive potential. The Zume Life community Internet portal and in-hand digital device (Zuri) enables subscribers to always stay connected with their own Ppersonal Wellness Eecosystem (PpWEe). By creating a positive, engaging and accountable system for Individual Wellness Empowerment, Zume Life will improve the lives of millions and reduce the burdensome cost of health care in the private and public sectors.

The Zume Life service supports users as they follow through with their individual treatment plans and total wellness programs, notwithstanding emotional, social or occupational challenges they may face. This is because the multi-modal Zume Life coaching, caring and sharing system enables individuals afflicted with chronic illness to draw inspiration and support from those in their social and advisory circles, helping them better track and adhere to their treatment programs and wellness regimens.