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Voice Thermo Talking Thermometer

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Voice Thermo Talking Thermometer

This Voice Thermo Talking Thermometer is the only voice talking thermometer with infrared forehead measurement and clinical approval.

If a thermometer comes with a complex LCD display that shows various jumping figures it’s somehow annoying for the impatient and overly busy one to read the LCD display for the temperature. It’s definitely handy that a thermometer can read out the temperature aloud so you don’t have to interpret it from the LCD screen.

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The Voice Thermo Talking Thermometer does both for you, which it can read out the temperature that it’s captured and also shows the reading on its LCD display. The Voice Thermo thermometer uses infrared technology, which just needs you to place it on the forehead, it’ll then read out the accurate reading (± 0.2 °C) in just 1.5 seconds.

Unfortunately, the measurement range of the Voice Thermo is kind of small, which is able to capture in the range of 35.5 to 42 °C. But that should be sufficient for measuring human body temperature. For the time being, this gadget just remains for medical use only.

Source: Reported by Tech Chee Medical

"Put simply the sensor button (of Voice Thermo Talking Thermometer) on the forehead. At the push of a button, an infrared signal sent forehead skin and the sensor in measuring head caught again. In just 1.5 seconds, the exact body temperature in the display: in perfectly legible 10-mm-digits - on request as a voice message. Quick and painless fever measure, even if your child is asleep. Even with ear infections," writes redferret.net.



I want to order the VOICE THERMO TALKING THERMOMETER as a matter of urgency. Kindly mail me the cost of 10 units including the shipping cost to Abuja, Nigeria , West Africa. You may as well include your bank details since I will like to pay by Money Transfer. Thank you. Dr Shaye Jonathan