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Breath Alert Detects Bad Breath

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Breath Alert

Every time you use your hand to check if your breath is good or if your mouth has a bad breath you wonder is there a better way to check for bad breath rather than hand?

Looks like there is such a thing called Breath Alert and it does it in a very scientific way.

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Breath Alert doesn't only check for bad breath, but does it in a very informative way.

It checks the levels of volatile sulfide compounds and hydrocarbon gas that cause bad breath in your mouth and will rate your breath on four levels.

The Breath Alert runs on a pre-installed AAA battery and is made by Tanita Corporation.



Sir, I am Dr.Teeb doing my postgraduation in College of dental sciences,JUST, Jordan. I like to know about your product Tanita bad breath Tester regarding its usage, availability internationally and about its price. With thanks, Dr.Teeb