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Healthy Diet, Lifestyle Make Positive Changes In Genes

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Healthy diet and regular exercising make positive changes in genes and help fight numerous diseases.

A team of researchers from University of California, San Francisco examined 93 men suffering from early stage prostate cancer. Participants made major change in lifestyle, such as doing regular exercising and having low-fat, fruit and vegetable diet. Participants were monitored for 3 months to make sure that dieting and moderate exercising have been on a proper level.

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Researchers found that healthy lifestyle changes, such as following a health diet and exercising, can turn on the gene fighting the disease and can also turn of the gene triggering disease progression.

Researchers looked at gene data of 30 men with low risk prostate cancer and who decided not to receive any treatment, such as surgery, radiation, or hormone therapy. Genes were once more examined just after the study, and showed that there were positive changes during the 'healthy' period. Other genes responsible for preventing some 50 various diseases were successfully turned on during this period. Some other genes triggering numerous diseases, including prostate and breast cancer, were successfully turned down.

Researchers also mention that the level of positive changes in genes directly depends on the level of lifestyle changes. The more you exercise and diet, the healthier you will be.

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