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First Aid Kit That Talks

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Intelligent First Aid "talking" kit

Here comes some help with Intelligent First Aid "talking" kit that has an audio module for verbal guidance to manage the most common injuries, at home, at work, or at play.

People keep first aid kit at home if they care about the importance of what first aid can do, but chances are most people don't know or care very much what is inside the first care kit until the minute that accident happens, and you’ll need to open it up and find various tools and bandages that could help you out during the emergency.

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Of course, during such an emergency, you’ll always be panicking. You’ll definitely be confused with all the tools in the box, not to talk about you can use them for effective treatment.

Now you can consider a replacement of your first aid kit with the one from IntelligentFirstAid. The special first aid kid from IntelligentFirstAid, has got many clearly labeled packs in it, which each nicely differentiated by the color-coded label for its purpose, and what type of injury it’s meant for.

There are also instructions with steps and illusions that nicely break down, to tell you how each pack is to be used effectively during emergency. And it’s got a little high-tech here, which each pack is included with a simple audio player, that will read out the steps by steps instructions in a calm and sweet female voice, so you won’t get panicking. To get it to read out the instruction, you’ll just need to press the small audio icon on the top right of the label. You can always pause and playback the instruction read-out repeatedly, in the case that you’re still pretty confused after listening for the first time. Of course, with many of these handy things in it, it is definitely more expensive than an average first aid kit. The Intelligent First Aid "talking" kit carries a price tag of $129.99.

Reprinted with permission from Tech Chee Medical