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Before Every Surgery Take A TIME OUT

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Despite the implicit risks of any surgical procedure, the devastating news of a medical mistake is every patient or families worst nightmare. Everyday, millions of patients trust Surgical Teams to successfully handle their lives with the utmost care. Yet the echo of media reports highlighting preventable mistakes consistently exemplifies the necessity for a TIME OUT.

Annually, more than 40 million patients are admitted for surgery at U.S. hospitals - with another 31 million undergoing outpatient procedures. In an effort to ensure that every patient receives the correct surgery, national organizations together with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) designed a simple, three-step process to ensure that the right surgery is performed on the right patient, every time (right person, right site and the right procedure).

Sandel Medical Industries, a recognized leader in patient and staff safety -- provides a complete array of Time Out safety products to support this essential effort.

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Refusing to accept avoidable mistakes, Sandel Medical Industries has launched the latest product in their TIME OUT family - the TIME OUT Beacon.

The TIME OUT Beacon serves as a prominent reminder for every surgical team to pause and implement the Time Out Protocol. The bright "safety" orange cotton beacon boldly displays TIME OUT across the surface and is designed to be placed over the operative site, instrument tray, Mayo Stand, or back table triggering the verification process. This unique reminder is just another tool in the family of safety products, joining the TIME OUT Sleeve and TIME OUT Hood.

Every Surgical Team can successfully implement this process, and our trademark orange color ensures it can never be neglected in the traditional surgical "sea of blue".

Although the goal of absolute safety may never be achieved, Sandel Medical Industries and its innovative safety products continue to support the elimination of costly medical errors.