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The Four S's Of Summer

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Grills, pool parties, lawn furniture and flip flops are all signs that warm weather is around the corner, which leads to the ultimate moment of truth -- revealing ourselves in a swimsuit. It is hard to get through summer without wearing one, whether it's a string bikini or one-piece with a t-shirt cover-up. The "Don't Sweat the Swimsuit" Survey commissioned by Kellogg's Special K, reveals that most women would rather see the dentist than try on a swimsuit.

The survey also indicated that more than 40 percent of women take up to eight weeks to get ready for swimsuit season. With the Special K Challenge, women can be closer to swimsuit ready in just two weeks. Those participating in the Challenge are able to enjoy great-tasting products and lose an inch from their waist in just two weeks while getting ready for swimsuit season.

"By participating in the Special K Challenge, women can feel their best as they bare more skin this summer season," said Jennifer Garrett Ph.D., director, nutrition marketing, Kellogg Company. "It is not about sacrificing taste to lose weight. The Special K Challenge features an array of great-tasting products to help stay on track with weight loss like new Special K2O Protein Water and Protein Water Mix."

One-Piece or Two, It's Up to You

To help those participating in the Special K Challenge, Kellogg teamed up with fitness guru Kathy Smith to provide women with five simple tips to help them stay committed to their fitness and weight-management goals.

"Getting ready to lounge poolside should not be seen as 'mission impossible'," said Kathy Smith. "With these simple and easy fitness tips and the great-tasting Special K products women can be ready to lounge poolside all summer long."

Spring Fitness Tips from Kathy Smith

Exercise Daily

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Exercising daily does not mean a full, hour-long workout, but do something whether it is a 10-minute brisk walk around your office building or a two-hour hike.

Stay Focused

Most people start out with the best intention to exercise, however, they allow one excuse after another to interfere with their workouts, which causes them to lose momentum. If you don't have time to do your regular workout in its entirety don't abandon the whole thing.

Don't Rush

Face it, you are probably not going to win the title of Miss Fitness your first week. Do not cram every fitness exercise into a single session. Focus on core areas such as the arms and chest one day and hips and thighs the next.

Mix It Up

Changing up your usual workout will keep your muscles from getting too comfortable, which often results in a plateau. Increase the weight and lower the number of repetitions (low rep overload). Or, if you're already lifting a lot of weight, try the reverse by lowering the weight and increasing the number of repetitions (high rep overload). You can also add a second or third set of reps to your existing workout. After your workout, mix up a bottle of Special K2O Protein Water Mix.

Everything in Moderation

With the right combination of food and exercise you can trim down and tone up quickly. Do not overdo it. Eating right does not have to taste bad, you can still indulge in your favorites. Be careful not to overindulge. If you enjoy chocolate try a bowl of Special K Chocolately Delight to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying on track with weight-loss goals.

Also, when purchasing specially marked packages of Special K products, participants can get a free Special K Kathy Smith DVD as another way to get swimsuit ready. Consumers can receive the Special K Kathy Smith DVD by mailing five Special K stamps and a completed official order form from the Special K products, including any of the Special K Cereals, Special K Cereal Bars, Special K Snack Bites, Special K Eggo Waffles and the recently added Protein Product line that includes Special K2O Protein Water, Special K Protein Meal Bars and Special K Protein Snack Bars.