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A Cold Sore Is Often A Warning Sign Of Deeper Health Issues

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The appearance of a cold sore is a sign that your immune system needs a tune-up before other more serious illnesses emerge, according to John Sherman, ND, noted naturopathic physician and former Clinic Director for Bastyr University.

Worldwide, between 80% and 90% of the adult population have the cold sore virus (Herpes Simplex Virus or HSV-1), according to Dr. Sherman, who is the author of The Complete Botanical Prescriber and medical advisor for www.SureNature.com .

"Cold sores are more than just a cosmetic issue," says Dr. Sherman. "Our immune systems let us know when it's time to pay attention, and a cold sore is a big red flag."

Prevention is the key. And preventing cold sores through natural, immune-enhancing means has the added advantage of helping to prevent a host of other potential health problems, including influenza, rhinovirus and chronic problems like asthma, irritable bowel syndrome and autoimmune diseases.

"I've been treating cold sore patients for nearly 30 years, and in my experience, 100 percent of the time the appearance of a cold sore is an indication that there is something else going on in the body that needs to be addressed."

Dr. Sherman suggests a few simple tips for maintaining a healthy smile on the outside, while keeping the body healthy on the inside.

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-- Get plenty of sleep. When you sleep your body rebuilds its defenses and reenergizes your immune system.

-- Eat smart. A balanced diet not only makes you feel better, it reduces the likelihood of outbreaks and lessens their duration.

-- Cut the sugar. Cold sores tend to emerge when your body is too acidic. Alcohol, soda pop and sweet foods tend to acidify the system and make cold sores happen more often.

-- Buy organic. Organic foods supply more trace minerals that help alkalinize your blood, reducing acidity and thereby reducing outbreaks.

-- Be proactive. Probiotics and targeted, immune-boosting botanicals, like those in Sure Nature's ImmunaSure, have been proven effective in helping with cold sore symptoms, shortening outbreaks and keeping cold sores from coming back.

-- Treat from within. Topical creams and lotions may reduce the appearance and discomfort of cold sores, but they don't prevent them from reoccurring.

-- Trust your body. The prescription anti-viral cold sore drugs on the market can have serious side effects on your liver and kidneys and may actually weaken your body's ability to fight the virus naturally.

"It's important to treat cold sores on a number of different levels," adds Dr. Sherman. "I developed ImmunaSure with natural ingredients shown to have strong anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects and boost the growth of good bacteria to help maximize immune function -- without the side effects of pharmaceutical treatments."



okay so i recently got cold sores all around my mouth and some reason there spreading even more like on my forehead and chest. What is that a sign of? Not herpes or Mono right? One other question if i have mono will i always have it, if i get rid of it and kiss my boyfriend will he be infected again or what would happen?
I've had cold sores my entire life, (I'm currently 46). But have been getting one or two a week now. Regardless of what I do to ptotect them. Each day is more and more . difficult. The pain is absolutely excruciating!!! 24 surgeries, and still no answers to What's wrong with me.