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DIY Health Test Kits Lack Accuracy

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Health Test Kits

Health officials warn that home DIY test kits may be inaccurate and sometimes even harmful for health.

Groups of medical professionals from Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment and Royal College of Pathologists examined DIY test kits and found most of them useless.

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Most of the tests are useful for people with diseases, but those healthy may get false results from the tests. For example, blood tests and other bodily fluids sent other mail may give inaccurate results because the samples may suffer on their way to lab.

Most of the tests consider only one or two biomarkers that are sensitive to diseases, but a laboratory test would consider from four to five levels of screening to clearly define if there is a health condition or no.

Some health tests are even harmful for health. For example, computerized tomography (CT) scans are posing radiation, and one out of 2000 people using it may have cancer, 1000 people may have perforated bowel problems.

Study urges lawmakers to make stricter rules on test producing laboratories. Currently, it is not too difficult to establish a laboratory and start producing home health test kits. Compared to pharmacy maker, test makers are not being carefully monitored. This leads to production and distribution of inaccurate and useless tests.

Health officials warn against health test kits purchased from over the counter and internet. People are advised to have their screening at surgeries rather than at homes to avoid inaccurate results and health complications.