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Gear Up Properly For Safe Winter Sports

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More than a quarter million children each year are injured while participating in winter sports in US. Safe Kids Kansas offers a few simple precautions: kids need to be dressed appropriately, take lessons, be actively supervised and stick to safe terrain. For many winter activities, protective headgear is also recommended.

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"Kids should wear helmets when they ski," says Jan Stegelman, Safe Kids Kansas coordinator. "Buy or rent a ski helmet that's certified by the Snell Memorial Foundation or ASTM International, and have an expert make sure it fits correctly so it won't come loose at a critical moment." According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), ski helmets could prevent or reduce the effects of 53 percent of the head injuries suffered by children under age 15 while skiing or snowboarding.

"Caregivers should wear ski helmets too