Tips On Keeping Well Over Christmas

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The Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Dr Tony Jewell, is reminding people of a few simple measures to help stay well over Christmas.

Dr Jewell said people can take some easy steps to stay safe and well over the festive season.

He said that the Assembly Government's annual Keep Well This Winter campaign reminds people to Keep Well, Keep Warm and Keep Safe.

These precautions include:

o Be prepared by ordering repeat prescriptions early to ensure people have all the necessary medication;

o Eat more warm healthy foods and have plenty of warm drinks and to consume alcohol sensibly;


o Keep warm by wearing several thin layers of warm clothing, keeping active and take steps to reduce drafts at home; and,

o Reduce the risk of falls by removing clutter from stairs and walkways, secure rugs, frayed carpets and electric cables, avoid wearing loose-fitting or open-backed slippers and spread salt on wet or icy steps.

Dr Jewell said: "People can't help when they become ill or when they will need the help of emergency care, but they can take some simple steps to reduce the risk of falling ill or reduce the risk of accidents.

"By being prepared and ensuring people have enough of their prescription medicines to last them over Christmas and New Year is one way to help them remain healthy. But there are many things they can do at home to reduce the risk of falls, slips and other accidents.

"If people do need minor health advice, there is lots of useful information available through NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or its website at or of course advice is available at local pharmacists for minor ailments.

"It is a good idea for people to know the contact details of their GPs' out-of-hours services. But for emergencies such as loss of consciousness, difficulty in breathing or a suspected heart attack and chest pain ring 999 or go direct to Accident and Emergency.

"By taking some simple precautions, we will all have a safe and healthy Christmas and New Year."


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