Drink Smarter With New IntelliShot

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The pounding headaches, nausea and muscle pain that can follow a night of drinking may soon become a thing of the past, thanks to a new liquid supplement that helps naturally flush alcohol's most toxic metabolite.

Las Vegas based Cheerz USA today announced the release of IntelliShot, a lemon lime flavored 1.5 ounce (45 mL) nutrition supplement that can either be taken straight or as a mixer with popular cocktails including martinis, margaritas and mojitos. The company recommends taking one shot following every third or fourth cocktail.


The IntelliShot product contains a proprietary blend of powerful immune system boosters and super-antioxidants clinically proven to help naturally reduce and eliminate acetaldehyde, a powerful muscle poison created as the body breaks down alcohol in the liver.

Since the 1980's, when alcohol researcher Victor R. Preedy of Queens College in London proclaimed acetaldehyde to be 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself, an increasing number of studies have linked it to everything from hangovers to liver disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's. A recent study in the Oxford Medical Journal found that 91 percent of patients with alcohol induced liver disease were social drinkers.

Cheerz USA CEO, Patrick Cochrane, says the product has no effect on inebriation, does not absorb alcohol or lower BAC, nor will it circumvent the consequences of overindulgence. "If you intoxicate your body beyond its ability to process alcohol, nothing will save you," he said. "Cheerz is for responsible social drinkers who want the buzz without the dangerous lingering effects."

Cochrane claims the new product is destined to revolutionize the liquor industry. "The next time your bartender asks you to 'name your poison' he or she will be able to offer you a safe and natural antidote too," he said.


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