10 Food Remedies for Reducing High Blood Pressure

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Here are simple 10 food remedies that should help to reduce the high blood pressure.Reduce High Blood Pressure

1. Drink warm celery juice three times a day or drink lukewarm celery juice on an empty stomach at least once a day.

2. Eat two raw tomatoes on an empty stomach every day for a month.

3. Eat three apples daily.

4. Take garlic oil capsules to clean out the arteries. The capsules have the advantage of not being too stimulating for the digestive system.

5. Steam tofu, cool to room temperature and add vinegar and sesame oil. This can be combined with soupy rice for a nutritious breakfast.

6. During the summer, make watermelon juice or eat watermelon every day.


7. Drink tea made from steeped organic banana peels.

8. Eat a soup made of cornsilk and white mushrooms regularly.

9. Make a tea from buckwheat and lotus roots.

10. Avoid smoking, alcohol, spicy foods, coffee, caffeine, all stimulants, fatty or fried foods, salty foods, potatoes and pork.


These tips and more can be found in The Tao of Nutrition by Dr. Maoshing Ni and Cathy McNease, B.S., M.H. For more information, visit http://www.sevenstarcom.com or call (800) 578-9526. Copyright: 2003

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my dad was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. my family and i have tried our best to help him. what more can we do?