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Helping Patients Get 'Doctors Notes On Demand'

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'Doctors Notes On Demand'

Whether it's a physician, specialist, attorney or an insurance company, professionals involved in healthcare must see a patient's doctors' notes to render care, coverage or opinions. Yet, between waiting on hold and picking up records from a doctor's office, the process of getting medical records when they're needed is time-consuming and frustrating.

The solution is "Doctors Notes on Demand." The new Web-based service from PassportMD gives healthcare consumers and their advocates the tools they need to seamlessly request and receive doctors' notes in a secure, password protected healthcare portal.

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"The sad truth is, doctors don't make it easy to get your medical records, or chart notes, a situation that's only exacerbated in an emergency situation," said Steven M. Hacker M.D., founder and CEO of PassportMD.com. "With Doctors Notes on Demand, patients and their advocates can request notes in a few easy steps -- without the hassle or pressure."

Doctors Notes on Demand simplifies what already should be an easy process -- but in reality often requires multiple requests and exhaustive follow up. Though patients are entitled to their complete medical records and chart notes, some doctors delay delivery of the documents -- if they provide them at all. As a long-time dermatologist and entrepreneur, Hacker tapped his knowledge of both medical records and technology to devise a solution that facilitates delivery of documents without impeding the doctor's office's workflow.

How easy is it to retrieve records? Once subscribed to PassportMD's Premium Service, patients can request their records and notes in three minutes and one click of the mouse. Adult children seeking records on behalf of their aging parents or their own children can do so with similar ease. The cost: Only $39.95 a year. Most importantly, all requests comply with security standards of the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

"I'm a consumer and a physician, so I realize that saving time and money is important to everyone," Hacker said. "Services like PassportMD and Doctors Notes on Demand are so simple, consumers can use our Web portal to request records without even leaving their home. It's that easy -- just like it should be."