Kirkland Company Tackles Wellness With Unique Approach

Armen Hareyan's picture

Dance to Wellness, a new Kirkland-based company, is taking a unique approach to helping stressed-out Washingtonians embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Backed by health-conscious organizations like Dance Voyage Studio, Pioneer Organics, Experience Shoes and many others, Dance to Wellness offers off-the-beaten-path weekend retreats that re-connect people with their health, rejuvenate their spirit, and help them recharge their batteries -- all through the unique mix of healthcare education, dance and communal dining.


Dance to Wellness is addressing the needs of today's health-conscious consumer. Consider these trends:

-- Today's hectic pace is forcing Americans to forego their two-week vacations for long weekends and shorter getaways.

-- As technology is disconnecting people from real human interaction, there is a growing need for real community. Communal dining is a revived trend that is meeting this need.


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