Health Coaches Help Improve Employee Health

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Employee Health


An increasing number of employers are offering health coaching servicesas a way to improve employee health and keep health care costs down,the Orlando Sentinel reports.Most programs offer employees telephone coaching over the course of oneyear, but some programs provide face-to-face contact with a nurse.

Healthcoaching programs at one time mostly were directed at "employees withchronic health conditions," but the "use of personalized, telephonecoaching has since proved to be a cost-effective way to help manyemployees make lifestyle-behavior changes," the Sentinel reports. For example, sales-finance lender BB&T,which has had a health coaching program in place for more than 20years, estimates that more than 90% of its employees participate in theprogram and that annually, the company spends $1,100 less on healthcosts per employee than other banking companies.

Employees whoparticipate in health coaching programs can receive a variety ofincentives, including discounts on monthly health insurance premiums orfinancial rewards (Wessel, Orlando Sentinel, 9/10).

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