Loudoun County Residents Reminded To Buy Only Approved Fireworks

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Fireworks Safety

Citizens reminded that many of fireworks are not approved for possession or use in Loudoun County or the majority of the Northern Virginia area.


To aid you in safely and legally enjoying the July 4th Holiday, a full listing of all fireworks that are approved by the Fire Marshal's Office is available on the web at www.loudoun.gov.

There is also a listing of public fireworks displays scheduled throughout the county and location maps for all vendors selling permitted fireworks in Loudoun.

It is important to know that all fireworks not on this approved list are prohibited and illegal within the county, with possession punishable by penalties as imposed by the judicial system.

Take the time this holiday season to make certain the fireworks you buy or intend to use in your neighborhood and back yard displays are approved by the Fire Marshal's Office, to ensure that your 4th of July creates a happy memory for you and your family, and not a tragic one.