Baltimore Mayor Launches B'More Healthy Campaign

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Baltimore Department Of Health to launch the B'More Healthy Campaign.

The B'More Healthy Campaign encourages city residents to take 10 steps to improve their health, prevent illness, and preserve well-being. It also provides links to services that can help residents accomplish these goals.

"This health agenda is an empowering message for Baltimore," said Mayor Dixon. "By taking charge of our health and seeking to prevent illness, we can achieve the vision of a cleaner, greener, healthier and safer city."

The 10 steps are:

1) Have A Primary Care Doctor

2) Be Tobacco Free

3) Know Your HIV Status


4) Get Help For Depression and Mental Illness

5) Be Drug Free

6) Get Immunized

7) Plan Your Family

8) Protect Your Family

9) Exercise and Eat Well

10) Look Out For Your Neighbors

The B'More Healthy message will be spread by distributing more than 30,000 health service cards around the city and with a a paid advertising effort in city bus shelters.

"This agenda highlights how each of us can improve our health and support the health of those we love," said Health Commissioner Dr. Joshua Sharfstein. "We can reduce the 70% of illnesses that are preventable."