Stay Safe In Water This Summer

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With the temperatures rising and students and their families starting summer vacations, Marylanders reminded that being attentive is key to safe water recreation activities.

"Drowning and near-drowning occurrences happen every summer season in Maryland," said DHMH Secretary John M. Colmers."Common sense action actions prevent tragedies."

Many drowning incidents involve children and occur due to a brief lapse in supervision.Studies have found that more than half of parents surveyed were overconfident in their children's ability in and around water.It is important to remember that children can drown silently and quickly.In fact, a child can lose consciousness in two minutes after submersion, with irreversible brain damage occurring within four to six minutes.


"It only takes a few moments to prepare your family and your vessel for a safe day on the water," said Natural Resources Police Superintendent Col. George F. Johnson. "Parents who wear life jackets are not only setting an important example for their kids, they are laying the foundation for a lifetime of safe boating."

DHMH and DNR, in collaboration with the Partnership for a Safer Maryland and the Maryland Youth Camp Safety Advisory Council, developed the following list of safety rules to help to make this season injury free.

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