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New Book Guides Readers Through Healthy Living To Age 140 And Beyond

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Jay B. Kuennen helps readers make the best decisions for their health with alternative and traditional medicine in his new book, "Vibrant Health & Sexual Life Through 140 and Beyond with His Spirit".

Kuennen hopes to join spirituality with emotional and physical health to assist readers in living long and vibrant lives. "We can and ought to live much longer lives," he says. "Old age should be thought of as after the age of 100." His book brings the knowledge of how to have good health and if not, then what kind of doctor or medical attention one ought to seek first.

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This book addresses the connection between the mind, body and spirit and the way these concepts of the self combine to set one's quality of life and health. "We should know ourselves as our best source of information as to what may be wrong, and taking care of ourselves is a first priority," he writes. "We want to be more self-actualized with hope."

Kuennen discusses the various health resources and kinds of medicine in the world that are available. He presents the pros and cons of alternative medicine vs. allopathic medicine. "Traditional doctors (allopaths) want us to believe we should seek them out first," he writes. He goes on to question, "Do we have the inalienable right to make this decision? Or do we let the (traditional) doctors and the courts (in Western society) decide for us?"

"Vibrant Health & Sexual Life Through 140 and Beyond with His Spirit" is enlightening and informative. Kuennen's book empowers readers to take control of their health. "[It] encourages us to reach our full potential now and have empowered good health to [age] 140 and beyond," he writes. "[The book is for] all persons who want a balanced opinion on health and to have the knowledge to make a choice of medicine before damage to our being by more serious invasive or heavier medicines. This may be critical to guide themselves to their best way."

Kuennen was born in Garnavillo, Iowa. After high school he served in the U.S. Air Force in Turkey, Germany and Texas. He holds two master degrees in public administration and social work from two California State Universities. He also earned two medical degrees, a Doctor of Medicine in homeopathy and a Doctor of Medicine in alternative medicine, while he finished his career in mental health. Kuennen completed 33 years of public service in criminal justice and mental health in the state of California. He retired in April 2006. He has four children and four grandchildren. This is Kuennen's second published book.