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RxHub Provides Access To Critical ePrescribing Patient Decision Support Information

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Critical ePrescribing Patient Decision Support Information

National Patient Health Information Network now provides access to critical ePrescribing patient decision support information for the majority of commercially covered lives within the United States.

Authorized prescribers can now access vital patient-specific information -- up-to-date medication history and pharmacy benefit information -- for the majority of Americans covered by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and Payers through RxHub's electronic information exchange, which operates in "real time" as physicians prescribe prescription drugs for their patients.

RxHub was founded in 2001 by the three largest Pharmacy Benefit Managers -- CVS Caremark, Express Scripts, and Medco Health Solutions, Inc. -- to establish a national ePrescribing solution that connects authorized physicians with critical patient information at the point of care and enables informed prescriptions to be electronically routed to retail and mail order pharmacies in real-time. In the past year more than 10 additional PBMs and Payers, representing over 50 million additional lives, have contracted with RxHub to provide access to consenting patient information. With the addition of these new lives, RxHub will have the ability to provide vital patient-specific information for over 200 million Americans. This represents over 90% of the commercially covered lives in the United States, establishing the RxHub National Patient Health Information Network as the largest in the country.

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RxHub also has the most connected technology partners certified to receive patient clinical decision support information as indicated by more than 110 million requests for patient eligibility, benefit and formulary information and almost 11 million patient medication history records successfully delivered by RxHub. Partnerships with RxHub enforce the commitment to delivering safe, affordable, quality care to all patients.

"We believe RxHub has strategically built the national ePrescribing utility by contracting and connecting with key constituents in the industry including the primary PBMs, Payers, Clinic and Hospital Healthcare Information Technology Vendors, and Mail Order and Retail Pharmacy Networks," stated Charles Kennedy, M.D., vice president of health information technology for WellPoint, Inc. "The established relationships with the nations PBMs and Payers will help reduce the number of medication errors, improve physician and pharmacist efficiency, and maximize cost savings by providing physicians with information to prescribe the most clinically appropriate yet cost-effective medication at the point of care."

The PBMs and Payers connected with RxHub provide national leadership and expertise in addressing rising healthcare costs with technological and clinical solutions related to Americans' needs for lower-cost, therapeutically appropriate medications. This is enhanced by RxHub's ability to provide a range of information that can educate patients, physicians and pharmacists at the point of care through comprehensive, end-to-end electronic prescribing applications provided through RxHub certified Technology Partners.

"We are excited that ePrescribing industry leaders view the RxHub National Patient Health Information Network as a critical component to improving patient safety and reducing costs associated with the delivery of healthcare for Americans," stated JP Little, Chief Operating Officer for RxHub. "Our partnerships are focused on improving patient safety while reducing costs by providing the best-available patient-specific information to physicians at the point of care and enabling them to route electronic prescriptions to the patient's choice of pharmacy."

RxHub manages the RxHub National Patient Health Information Network which electronically routes up-to-date patient-specific medication history and pharmacy benefit information to caregivers at every point of care. Our end-to-end solution enables physicians to prescribe the most clinically appropriate and cost effective prescription and send it electronically to the patient's pharmacy of choice. Operating as a cost recovery business model, RxHub partners with stakeholders in the prescribing industry to improve patient safety, increase workflow efficiency and reduce the overall cost of health care delivery.