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Stay Hydrated This Summer To Prevent Painful Kidney Stones

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Kidney Stones

Increase in kidney stones is common during warmer months.

We've all heard that it is important to drink a lot of water, especially in the summer, to replenish the fluids lost due to heat and outdoor activities. If you haven't followed that advice in the past, here's a reason to pay attention this summer: Staying hydrated can help you prevent what many people describe as the worst pain of their lives.

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That pain is caused by kidney stones, which are becoming more common in general and also are more common during the summer months. Not drinking enough fluids can lead to the development of kidney stones, and the types of exercise that are typical during the summer tend to shake loose kidney stones, causing patients to develop symptoms from the stones.

Throughout the year, but particularly in the summer, drinking enough water is the most important step people can take toward preventing the development of kidney stones, experts say.

"One of the best ways to prevent kidney stones is to stay hydrated throughout the entire 24-hour period. I recommend my patients have at least six to eight glasses of water a day, and I ask them to make sure that they spread that throughout the entire day and up until night time. This is important year-round, but especially in the summer months," says Gary Faerber, M.D., associate professor of urology at the University of Michigan Health System.

"It is very important for people to be aware of how to prevent kidney stones because many people