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Health Care Tips For Hot Weather

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Hot Weather Alert

During a Heat Alert the public is encouraged to call or visit friends and neighbours who are at risk of suffering health consequences because of hot weather.

People at greatest risk include the elderly, infants and young children, the chronically ill, and those taking certain medications. Hot weather early in the season can have a more significant impact on vulnerable people as they have not yet adjusted to warmer temperatures.

The public is advised to "Beat the Heat" by taking these precautions:

- Drink lots of water and natural fruit juices

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- Stay out of the blazing sun or heat

- Avoid strenuous physical activity outdoors

- Go to air conditioned places, including shopping malls or one of over 190 local library branches, or numerous air conditioned community centres located in each neighbourhood. Toronto's civic centres are also available to the public as cooling places during Heat Alerts.

- Never leave the elderly, children or pets unattended in a car

- Landlords of buildings without air conditioning are encouraged to set up dedicated cool rooms and check on vulnerable tenants.

During Extreme Heat Alerts, the civic centres are operated as cooling centres where additional amenities are provided for those in need. More than 450 service providers and community partners implement hot weather response plans to assist vulnerable people during Heat Alerts and Extreme Heat Alerts.