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Prebiotics - The Hottest New Trend For Digestion

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Digestive Diseases

May is National Digestive Diseases Awareness Month, but millions of Americans who suffer from stomach complaints are not celebrating. And it's no wonder. A lot can go wrong with a 25-foot GI tract.

The average American has 5-10 pounds of decaying fecal matter, 8 meals of undigested food, and numerous toxins, heavy metals and food preservatives clogging the colon. This can lead to bloating, weight gain, constipation, diarrhea and fatigue.

Not only does the digestive system process food, it is also estimated that about 70 percent of a person's immune system is located there. For years experts have recommended that friendly bacteria be added to the diet to maintain proper digestion and a healthy immune system. Up until now that's meant adding bacteria through probiotic supplements.

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But a new way to increase the quantity of friendly bacteria has recently emerged called prebiotics. A prebiotic actually helps the body grow its own beneficial bacteria and unlike a probiotic, a prebiotic goes directly to the source -- the intestines.

Botanic Choice is at the forefront with this trend with the launch of their new Prebiotic Tablets.

According to Tim Cleland, President of Botanic Choice, maker of the Prebiotic Tablets, "The advantage of a prebiotic over a probiotic is that with a probiotic you're unsure how much friendly bacteria actually makes it through the digestion process into the colon where it's needed. A prebiotic is not absorbed in the upper intestinal tract, so it can survive through the digestive system and reach the colon."

Sales indicate that the new prebiotic trend appears to have resonated with customers. Tim continues, "High sugar diets and certain medications kill off friendly bacteria, so it's important to restore your levels."