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New Buji Block Helps Prevent Poison Ivy/Oak

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The 55 million American men, women and children who suffer the tormenting symptoms of poison ivy, oak and sumac every year now have a way to avoid the fiery rash altogether.

Buji Block(TM), a pre-exposure lotion, was specially formulated to create an invisible barrier of protection to keep the skin from absorbing urushiol -- the toxic oil in the plants that causes the itching and blistering.

An independent New York laboratory recently conducted tests that confirmed the effectiveness of buji Block. The results speak for themselves:

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Twelve men and women known to have experienced poison ivy outbreaks within the past year were selected to participate. Study technicians outlined two test sites, one on the left forearm and one on the right forearm, of each participant. buji Block was applied to the test site on the right forearm while the test site on the left remained untreated. Technicians then crushed viable poison ivy leaves to release urushiol and applied them to both test sites.

Within 24 to 48 hours, four of the 12 panelists began to experience itching and blistering on the untreated test sites on their left forearms. The remaining eight panelists developed milder reactions on their untreated, left forearms.

Not a single participant developed poison ivy symptoms on the buji Block-treated test sites on their right forearms. The laboratory therefore concluded that buji Block is indeed effective in helping prevent the characteristic reactions associated with poison ivy.

"Here in New England, every year I see patients with terrible cases of poison ivy," says Board Certified Dermatologist Valori Treloar, MD. "But by the time they come in, the rash is full-blown. I can prescribe medications to quell the symptoms, but they take a day or two to kick in." Treloar goes on to say that she would be thrilled to put the power of prevention directly into the hands of her patients.

buji President Cadey O'Leary believes buji Block is destined to be a medicine cabinet staple. In addition to its poison ivy protection benefits, it contains an SPF 24 sunscreen with UVA/UVB sun reflectors zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Free of parabens, fragrance and dyes, buji Block is pediatrician and dermatologist tested.