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Ergonomic Bathroom Products Make Life Easier For Those With Mobility Problems

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The functions of everyday living are now made a little easier for anyone experiencing a problem with mobility.

ActiveForever offers several ergonomic products specifically for the bathroom to help individuals with long-term disabilities, short-term disabilities or physical discomforts. Caregivers also experience less stress and strain with the aid of these products.

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ActiveForever purchased each and every one of the four bathroom products available in the United States from Mobility, Inc. at a greatly reduced rate. After thoroughly researching and testing these products for quality and functionality to ensure their safety and convenience, ActiveForever is confidently offering these extraordinary products to the public at the lowest rates possible.

Ergonomic Raised Toilet Seat: This seat, with a 4.5" rise, fits any standard or elongated toilet and is 9" across and 14" deep and locks securely onto the toilet with an easy-to-install plate. An extra large, comfortable opening towards the front provides easy access for personal care. The ergo-grip handles are contoured to the palm of the hand for easy lowering and lifting support, even for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis.

Ergonomic Shower Chair with Bidet: Fitting any standard tub or shower, the Ergonomic Shower Chair has height-adjustable legs and a contoured seat offering maximum comfort and support. The non-slip surface and ergonomic handles ensure safety. There is a hand-held shower holder and the chair provides a bidet channel to provide optimal cleansing for the perineal area.